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Dimmers silicone nipple covers

Dimmers silicone nipple covers


Rogue 'high beam' nipples are a thing of the past when you use your DIMRs! They are small skin tone circular disks that are washable and REUSEABLE- so you can use them over and over again! Unlike pasties that can only be used once with dimrs you only need one pair to last for a lifetime! Dimrs can be worn with or without a bra. Your body heat adheres it to your body without any use of glue so you never have to worry about adhesive and they will stay put all day! Just lightly wet them and stick 'em on horizontally. Your body heat activates the silicone creating a bond so they stay put till you remove them.

There are so many uses for this product! Dimrs can be worn inside your bra for additional nipple coverage. If you are in a professional situation where you do not want your nipples to point out through your shirt wear this and your nipples will not show through your top no matter how tight or thin it is and there will be no tell tale ridge where the edge of the dimmers are attached as sometimes happens with traditional pasties.

Dimmers are also ideal for tops that you can not wear a bra with but still require nipple coverage. For tops that are sheer or you cannot wear a bra with this skin tone material will disguise your nipple and eliminate embarassing show through. This product also hides the color of the round area of skin around the nipple so with thin or sheer tops the color of this areola area will not show through. Superior to nippettes and pasties the edges of the disc are paper thin and mold to your body so that no one will be able to tell that you have them on and your nipples will stay disguised even under the tightest and sheerest of tops. Because the material is so thin there is absolutely no lump or bump and the dimmers will blend in with your skin.

Dimmers are soft and pliable and so comfortable to wear that its easy to forget you have them on and you'll love the many many wardrobe options that are available to you when wearing this product. For hygenic reasons this product cannot be returned.

This product comes in Beige for lighter skin tones and Cocoa brown for deep skin tones. The product comes packaged in an adorable small reuseable gift bag.

One Pair:

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